Safety Check

Once your baby found their place in the sling, please check following points. In case you have questions or need help, please contact us via our  contact form.





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• Please check the baby wrap for any signs of wear or defects before use

• Always carry your baby in a position facing you.

For premature babies or restricted babies, please seek help and advice of a trained person

If you are breastfeeding your baby in the baby wrap, after each feeding bring your baby back to an upright position and check its posture

The baby wrap is not suitable for use in sports activities.

Be careful when leaning forward. Your baby could fall out of the baby wrap. Always secure your baby with your hands

• Never leave your baby in the wrap that has been removed

Never use the baby wrap if your sense of balance or your freedom of movement is limited. Not even if you are sleepy or notice health problems

• Never use more than one carrying device at the same time

Never use the baby wrap for more than one baby

• Do not use the baby wrap in water, when working with chemicals or sources of heat (for example while cleaning or cooking)

Never use the baby wrap in a car, bicycle or similar means of transportation

Only use the baby wrap if you feel absolutely secure. Take special care when using public transport