From when and to which age / weight can I use the Little Wombat® Baby Wrap?

Thanks to the elastic and thus adaptable material, the wrap is suitable from the moment the baby is born. Since each baby develops individually, the Baby wrap can be used as long as you feel comfortable with it. Our recommendation is a max. Carrying weight of 11 kilograms.


What material is the Little Wombat® Baby Wrap made of?

Our baby wraps are made of organic cotton and Lenzing® Modal. Cotton makes the baby sling breathable and skin-friendly. Modal gives the baby sling a slight shine and soft feel. It is made from Austrian beech fibers and is produced in a resource-saving way.


Is it true, that the Litte Wombat® Baby Wrap fits in every diaper bag?

Yes! Which mom does not know the problem of overflowing diaper bags or baby strollers. The sling is so compact, that it fits easily anywhere. At one end of the sling you can find an integrated pocket, in which it can be easily stowed. That way the Little Wombat® Baby Wrap logo comes into one´s own.


How can I wash my Little Wombat® Baby Wrap?

You can wash the baby wrap at 30 degrees in a gentle cycle. It is strongly recommended to wash it separately as zippers, buttons or sharp objects may cause holes. Due to the lightweight material it dries amazingly fast. The best is to hang it over two chair backs or double it on the clothesline. To make the wrap nice and smooth again after washing, you can iron it on a low level. For the heart label it is recommended a high setting with steam.


How do I wear my Little Wombat® Baby Wrap in summer and in winter?

Due to the light and breathable material, the baby sling is comfortable to wear even in warm temperatures, without perspiring. In the winter the best it to clothe your baby not warmer than at home and to wear a jacket over the baby wrap. This is why you can wear your baby heart by heart at any time of the year.


Can I remove my baby several times from the cloth and put it back in without having to tie it again?

Yes, it is possible. You tie the wrap before putting your baby into it. After the second time putting your baby in and taking it out, however, we recommend to re-tie the sling.

Is it difficult as an untrained person to tie the baby wrap?

Not at all. The elastic material makes it very easy to tie. With the help of our tutorial and some practice, it quickly becomes second nature to you.


In which sizes is the baby wrap available?

In two! Our large size has a length that suits everyone (you can tie simply the thin end around the hips). Our standard size is for thinner or smaller person. You can tie it on your back or your hip.


What other bindings are available for the baby wrap?

We recommend to wear the baby in the first weeks of life only heart-to-heart. For this purpose, the pre-tied way of binding as well as the classic wrap-around carrier is most suitable. The baby gets freedom of movement as soon as it is stable enough and can take the arms out of the baby wrap (you will notice this when the baby demands it). Furthermore, you can carry your baby with the side sling on the hip.