About us

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What makes our Little Wombat Baby Wrap so special

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How we produce

The range of our baby wraps does not include classic collections, but consists of a few neutral designs, which are regularly complemented by modern color nuances.

Searching for the best manufacturing companies in Germany, we have found them in the textile stronghold in the Swabian Alb Region. Our partner companies can look back on decades of experience in the textile industry and ensure the high quality of our products. Within our product development, we tested a wide variety of fiber compositions and knit variants until today’s Little Wombat Baby Wrap was ready for the market. Special attention was paid to the origin and quality of the raw fiber and subsequent processing.

You may find products from other manufacturers and ask if their higher price stands for better quality? We are very happy that this is usually not the case. Why? We work closely with our manufacturers and want to keep the product price reasonable for the customer. The close cooperation and short transport routes allow us a high quality at fair prices. We are always working to improve and optimize our ecological footprint.